Mobile App Design Trends 2017

Orion Infosolutions leading Mobile App Development Company India work in Apple Watch app development & build high quality Ionic App.

In 2016, Mobile apps account for more than 60% of the time spent by users on digital media. The mobile app industry is developing at an alarming rate and is expected to cross $ 100 million in revenues by 2017 throughout worldwide. With more than 90% of users preferring mobile apps to mobile muse websites; it is important to understand that there are lots of factors which drive mobile app sales including the platform, marketing efforts and design.

Mobile App Design

Mobile App Design

Whether you are looking at planning your fitness regime, playing games, listening to music, planning your schedule, furthering your business, online buying, preparing your budget, or pretty much anything else, there is a mobile application which can help you all times. But this doesn’t mean that every mobile app is doomed for success. App design is very important factor. Here are a few other things to deem during this process:

Do you really need a mobile app?

Before you start designing your app, you need to ask yourself if you really need one. You should know if there is a market for your app. Sometimes, it may make more sense to make a mobile optimized website instead. This will assist target different platforms instead of just mobile customers like an app would.

Standalone apps do make sense if you know what your definitive goal is and the audience which you are trying to appeal. Carefully consider the features you will be integrated into the app at this point.

Mobile App Usage

Prior to designing mobile apps, it is significant to know the type of people who are going to be using it, where it will be used and the target market. The apps design will depend largely on what is expected by the users. For example, an app which helps find restaurants in the area will need to have a GPS feature. An online shopping app will need to have a checkout feature.

User engagement and customer writing are important to determine your reach as well. This will give you an enough idea of the features you should include in your mobile app and how you can advance its visibility. These aspects should be clear at the pre-design stage itself. So put in enough research before writing an app.

Basics of mobile app design

Knowing the definitive purpose of an app is very important. This will assist make it easier to choose the better platform. Colors and shades need to be combined carefully. Fonts should be well empathize to ensure the app is clean and neat.

Uniformity is key with a mobile app. Mobiles have several resolutions, screen sizes, pixel densities and many more. The app needs to work with all of them with the extreme consistency.

When an app is being designed the clickable area and layout need to be fixed based on how several mobiles are held. Usability will gain significantly with apps that have preferred options like swiping, pinching and more.

So now that you know what to look for out for while designing your business mobile application. What are you waiting for? It’s time you began designing your own one.

Why You Need Mobile App For Your Growing Business? Check Right Now

1. Reinforces your brand value

2. Gains your visibility and accessibility on mobile devices and play store

3. Establishes relationships and trueness with your clients

4. Generates ingeminate business with app tools like coupons and loyalty cards

5. Enhance social networking strategies

6. Connects you with “on-the-go” consumers

7. Gains sales with push notifications

8. Your products/services are easily accessible to your customers 24×7

9. One touch access to your contact details

10. Provide directions to your location anywhere your customers are

11. Fast appointment setting for your customers

12. An app is more easily accessible and loads faster than a business website

13. Gain customer engagement and provide value

14. Customers have simply access to your social media posts, comments and likes.

15. Stand out from your competition

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PhoneGap Application Development India

Orion Infosolutions is build high quality Phonegap Cross-Platform App Development. Book Your PhonegapApp with us !”

PhoneGap App Development India

Enter a PhoneGap App Development India

PhoneGap is a Better Choice for Cross-Platform Development

iOS and Android, two popular platforms in both of which developer share an equal interest and launched a separate application to appease the Smartphone device users.

However, if you are thinking to make apps for different Smartphone rather different OSes, do you think the expenses will balance your benefit?

PhoneGap – The Cutback Cross Platform Development

Also known by the name of Apache Cordova, PhoneGap is one of the open source cross-platform mobile development framework that allows developers to code various apps for the smart devices. It helps the developers to assemble the hybrid mobile applications with the use of CSS3, JavaScript and HTML5. It does not look for those odd ends and platform-based APIs such as iOS, Android or Windows.

It prefers to work with expanded features of JavaScript and HTML. Now these apps are mainly hybrid and nor local or web apps. Developers mainly regard them as packaged app” as they come in bundles or in a revamped version to the end user.

Being an android app development company India, we too have found that the answer is none other than PhoneGap. If you want to draw a line to the extra coding works, developers, and expenses take up PhoneGap to dominate the different mobile platforms.

UI Layer of PhoneGap

User Interface of PhoneGap has a web browser view taking up 100% of the device’s height. It is actually a chrome-less web browser as their HTML contents come without any heavy window decoration, as we find in a normal browser. Developers can take the advantage of this space to build interactive apps, content-based elements and app chrome into CSS & HTML-based user interface.

Why do we ask global clientele to choose PhoneGap?

Developers keep the PhoneGap application one-step ahead of other platforms since they come with advanced features and advantages. In order to create native apps, you have to use native programs such as Objective-C on iOS and Java on Android. Therefore, you have to maintain tap of four different set of codes, but with PhoneGap, it is just a single coding which developers need to do to create apps on all platforms.

Some benefits that entail mobile application developers to keep PhoneGap ahead of all platforms are –

  1. You can use animation between screens. In some instances the list view slides off the left screen and shows, details of the items selected.
  2. App launched will be successful in defining the location from where the users are accessing the app further proceeding to extract the details of clients based on that location.
  3. It integrates both internal files and web services which proves to be beneficiary for clients
  4. You can scroll the list of offers, select and see them find more details
  5. PhoneGap apps allow working on the device with or without the internet

When it comes to compatibility, you can witness it in different OS. Ti is highly compatible with jQuery Mobile, Dojox Mobile, and Sencha Touch.

You will find an interface that allows a user to login to an app with their Facebook account.


Android App Development India

We are based in Jaipur; we have clients across India, Germany, Singapore, Canada & USA.

Our matchless development process allows us to develop Android apps at a cost effective rate compared to other decent developers.

“With your business idea and our methodological expertise, we can make a great mobile application”

Mobile relates software is a long term investment in IT world. Mobile apps have changed user behavior and outlook. More and more users are trusting on mobile apps to help them find a suitable solution for their problem.

Android Mobile App Development India

Orion Infosolutions work with entrepreneurs and innovative businesses to revolutionize their business process with the power of pocket mobile application.

Orion Infosolutions is a trustworthy android apps development company in Jaipur, India and offer you consistent and specialized android apps development services to offer the various needs of the clients worldwide. To reach client’s mind outlooks we design, develop, study, upgrade and support the android apps with great usefulness and stunning performance.

Our expert team of android apps development is well-balanced on the android platform and knows all the all small ideas about this specific platform. In addition, our customized android apps development services ranges from asset tracking to. Our customized android apps development services ranges track all records such as, messaging, image, videos, gaming on GPS systems and many more.

Our Android app development team is very professional and is experienced at developing android apps for different android devices like android phones, tablets and other gaming tools. We optimize the design of the application according to your need to build personalized user experience and with a small learning curve.

Why You Choose Us?

Beautiful UI Designs

Build your project a success by working directly with someone. Our expert designers build custom, pixel-perfect graphics to make your app look not only accurately how you want it to look, but superior.

Reasonable Prices

We take our customers idea to App Store and more, Of course we’ll also provide free cost estimate first!

Marketing Planning

At Orion Infosolutions, we realize that making a great app is not enough in app world. So we help you get your app into the hands of the people who need it most through powerful marketing strategies such as optimizing for the App store, advertising on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Google + & LinkedIn)and exceptional search engine and referral strategies.

App Optimization

Evaluating and studying how users interact with your mobile app is vital to make significant improvements. It helps us to optimize the app for raised conversions, retention and boost user experience.

Our Feature App Services

Virtual & augmented reality App

The virtual reality business is booming. Orion Infosolutions is on the forefront of creating immersive experiences for virtual and augmented reality platforms.

Wearable App Development & Design

Wearable apps can be both objective and work as a great fellow app to your iOS or Android app.

Smart TV App

Platforms such as Apple TV provide a matchless opportunity to reach an audience in an area which is frequently you missed.

Great apps should be utilizable, consistent, and scalable. We are a group of professionals and experts who think that best mobile software are transformative.

Orion Infosolutions collaborate with our valuable clients to deliver all elements of their mobile app needs from front end design and development to back-end coding infrastructure and integration.

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WordPress Website Development Company India

Certified WordPress Developers & Design for your business

WordPress Website Development Company India

WordPress Website Development Company India

What is WordPress?

Most of our web design work is with WordPress. WordPress is the world’s most popular CMS (content management system) and is behind over 75 million websites
to date. That includes many of the largest brands and company websites. WordPress is a full content management system, and has a rich ecosystem of plugins
to support any type or size of business. Options include portfolios, galleries, booking systems, e-commerce systems, and just about anything else you can
think of.

What you get with a WordPress website

WordPress websites are adaptable

WordPress is a fantastically flexible CMS, with a user friendly management system and a robust ecosystem of plug-ins. We can build WordPress websites for
just about any type of business, whether you’re a hotel that your requirement booking systems, a local government that needs a news choice and directory,
similar like Dmoz or an artist that needs an online image gallery, only WordPress can do it. It’s created to publish and simply to add pages or blog posts.
If you can write a document in Word you’re already best at creating content with WordPress CMS.

WordPress is User Friendly

WordPress websites have an area you can log into to control just about any feature your website. Edit pages with simple with the click of a button, and add
pictures, audio, video and other contents.

Great Flexibility in WordPress

There are over 50,000 plugins you can use for build WordPress websites. You can explore more booking systems for hotels, salons, solicitors, or consultants,
payment gateways, e-commerce tools, google webmaster tools , Google analytics photo galleries, custom content, social tools, email marketing, and more.

Reliability & Security

WordPress is often updated and secured against any new online threats and virus. We install some additional plug-in on you websites to enhance your
security, backup your website regularly, and we only use the most safe web servers for your business website.

Search Engine Friendly

WordPress is built with search engine friendly, and we install some specific tools to help you endorse your business website. You can simply manage your
data, track your website’s performance in the Google search engine results, and control which pages you want indexed or not indexed.

Make Sales

Creating great landing pages is easy with WordPress, you can insert sliders, pop-ups, collect email address for marketing, and merged strong calls to
action. You can even take PayPal and card payments via your business website.

Moving old Website to WordPress

Moving the all content such as photos, videos from an old website or blog into a new WordPress website is usually attractive easy. You don’t need to
desolate your old websites data, just give us a call and we’ll take care of the rest.

Why choose one of our WordPress websites?

Our expert WordPress web designers and developers team know what it takes to create a successful website. Eye catching design is not just about making you
content look excellent, it’s about catching the attention of your users, making it easy for them to find the content they are looking for, and promoting
them to come back for more. First of all, when we design a website, we take to time to talk to you, to find out who your customers are and what they are
searching web for.

We work with you to make sure that our design equalizes and compliments any existing brand material, and keep you involved every step of the way. Our aim is
to make you a bang looking website that is tuned to your business, and that will meet your business goals.

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