Android App Development vs. Iphone App Development

Even though the iPhone has a largest global market share, revenues from the iPhone’s App Store is far higher than on the Google Play Store (formerly known as Android Market). The iPhone App Store generates 90% of all revenue from apps. Business Insider online news website notes that the Google Play Store has generated $450 million while iPhone’s App Store has generated $7.8 billion!

Android App Development vs. Iphone App Development

Android App Development vs. Iphone App Development

With this think on mind, would you rather develop an iPhone or Android app? Android Studio platform utilizes Java, which is a frequent programming language. While various, it is different than Apple, which utilizes Objective-C language. Everyone well-known with C and C++ will find this easy, but the App Store requires products to be approved before publication.

The differences are intense, but the bottom line is the same. If both platforms will price the same, doesn’t it make sense to utilize a $7.8 billion dollar market?

iPhone App Development Cost?

The cost for any iPhone application development project will different. Each iPhone app project is unique and our developers’ team will spend lots of time to make documentation. For more information on the cost, feel free to give us a call or send us a greeting email, we’d love to talk to you!

Iphone App Development for Companies

Over the last 6 years, the iPhone App Store has seen wonderful growth due to companies like yours, who are looking to make an app where you can connect with your customers, raise brand loyalty, and collect valuable customer data. In 2016, Apple iTunes Store continues to grow and that growth produces new opportunities and features.

The quality standards of the iPhone App Store have assisted iOS remain the most popular operating system. The high return on your investment will help provide a bright future for you and your small business.


iPhone & Android Mobile App Development Services

Apple iPhone & Google Android phones have taken the world by storm, as they provide a different gadget to the users through their user friendly latest unique features and portability. This is where the development of the iPhone & Android phone apps has come in as they have come a lengthy way. Whether its iPhone or Google’s Android, the mobile apps development like other nations has also raised in style in democratic India. With the help of smart phone app development India, you can have a portable and simply install-able application developed for the sign of your large business.

iPhone & Google Android Mobile App Development

iPhone & Google Android Mobile App Development

When it comes to Android, you want to know that it’s the most commonly used mobile OS and therefore has become the most liked choice of almost all the consumers. For this motive, countless business owners are targeting the android platform for the development of their smart business application.

After assuring an established team of mobile apps developers, Orion InfoSolutions has set up a boosted Mobile Application Development Company in Jaipur, India. Orion InfoSolutions focus on help local and international based clients with client engagement, sales, software management, application & website deployment and an entire deliverance cycle.

Orion InfoSolutions mobile app development platform is based on open standards and unique designed to absorb with many other tools, outlines and services. We have years of experience in mobile apps UI design & development in Jaipur, India and building applications for clients from last 8 years along with high quality apps designing. We understand the careful sense of balance between simplexes and compromise when developing feature sets, and the implication of clear and skinny workflow chain of command. We know that users’ requirement urgent access to the tools they mean to perform an important task, and we keep your app free of visual or informational load. We provide our clients a significant feedback to their occasions, get rid of the learning curve, and set visual design they can take hold with just a glimpse. You will find these ideologies at the core of all of Orion InfoSolutions mobile apps user experience think, and endow with the framework that formulate our developed apps well.

We are very few of the companies offering High Quality Web / Mobile App and Software Development Services is Jaipur India at very reasonably priced. Our expertise includes,

  • iPhone App Development
  • iPad App Development
  • Android App Development
  • Cross Platform App Development
  • Desktop App Development
  • Web App Development
  • Facebook App Development

Our Mobile Application Development Services in India covers:

  1. Medical and Health android & iphone mobile app development
  2. Travel and Business android & iphone mobile app development
  3. Learning and Education android & iphone mobile app development
  4. Music and News android & iphone mobile app development
  5. Weight and fitness android & iphone mobile app development

Orion InfoSolutions has wide hands-on experience in creating and spreading cutting-edge application. Having the rich work experience on all big platforms consists of iPhone, iPad, Android, Cross-Platform and Windows. We help businesses convince the mobile to available in market, reach large audience, increase products and modernize business processes. We decide and fully handle the projects at a time to give the immersion that app require creating it a triumph.

Market Competitor analysis, advertising messaging, customer’s response features, invoice and integrations are some of the area we help individually from building top-quality technology for your solutions.

Build Simpler Development based on Single Codes

Using JavaScript and single code based apps we rapidly develop, test, and publish mobile apps. With the experienced & dedicated developers, we build loaded and native & hybrid mobile applications. So, the user no longer wants to cover with several developer toolkits, language and methodologies.

Our Key Features

Open source JavaScript-based SDK with APIs for iOS, Android, Windows, Cross-Platform Applications and HTML5 as mentioned in our services

MVC framework with Titanium CLI 5.0.6 released accelerate with Appcelerator platform

Integrated mobile backend as a service (MBaaS)

Open marketplace integrated of Appcelerator
Make interactive app prototypes with drag and drop files features

Data and App Integration

Build on-demand cloud services to manage an app, including: data services notification, SMS, mail services and lots of more. Or connect to the accessible databases, together with MySQL, MSSQL, Oracle and PostgreSQL DBMS.

Mobile Apps Lifecycle Management

We build it sure and simply to develop, originate, and control mobile apps backend with cloud-based services for the application that without a bug put together from UI level to the backend.

Cloud Flexibility

The update is automatically available entire all mobile platforms (iPhone Android, Windows & PhoneGap) with our cloud flexibility code implementation. No need to wait until the new version app release to make most desired changes.

One Portal Backend Management

Provide management to the entire backend of the application through one accessible entrance which dictate permissions, implement cloud code, pick social validations, connection with email and push notifications.

Find and Fix Bugs before Handing over

Use robotic testing to proactively find bugs by often testing an app on smart devices, integrates iOS, Android and Windows Phone. We use written & core JavaScript then implement them across multiple mobile platforms.

And finally, Orion InfoSolutions mobile app development provides you elasticity to distribute apps on public app stores, with Apple iTunes, Google Play or the Windows Phone store. Keep your app more secure by creating tasks and other permissions and then guarantee users run latest version of your app by pushing updates to their devices across any mobile platforms.

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