Top 9 Factors That iPhone Developer Should Know

As we all know that when we talk about the iPhone, then many things come to my mind like security, advancement, uniqueness and many more services that make it unique and advance. In all that, iPhone App developers play a great role to make it more advances. In the App store, more than a million Applications are available and its numbers are increasing day by day. According to Apple, more than 150 billion Applications had been downloaded from the App store and with time its number is updating. So, we can say that Application is playing a great role in the iPhone. As the number of iPhone is increasing then demand Application is also increasing. So, as the demand for the Applications is increasing the demand for the App developer is also increasing.


As we all know that for Application development, we should hire experienced and enrich App developer that can serve us best App. Here, we are going to discuss important and essential factor that should be known by an Application developer. When we are going to develop our iPhone App then we must count on given factors.

# iPhone App developer should have deep knowledge of objective c and  Swift programing language. As we know that all programs are written in objective c and Swift language and without them, we cannot create iPhone Application.

# Developers should have a working knowledge of X code and it is Apple own Integrated development environment. Developers also should have knowledge of UI framework and for that, we should have a working knowledge of UIKit. iOS SDK is very important to develop native Application.

# the app developer should have knowledge of iOS frameworks such as Cloud kit, Core data, Core graphics, Web kit and many more.

# Developers should develop clean and short code so, our App will load in short time and our user engagement rate will be more. The reusable code should be writing by programmer and comments for future use should be mention in it.

# Source control should be done by developers. It helps us to update and keep a record of all versions.

# iPhone App developers should have the working knowledge to add third-party library and APIs.

# App developers should have working knowledge of all versions so we will not face compatibility issue.

# Developers should have creativity so they can develop App with unique and attractive features so our App can be more interesting and more users can show their interest in our services.


# All iOS App developer should have a good understanding of Apple guideline for approval App in the App store. If we are not having prior knowledge of Apple guideline, then Apple will reject our App. So, we should count this factor very seriously because, without this, we cannot make live our App.

All above-listed factors must be counted by us when we are hiring iPhone App developer and all factors are very important for us because these are key attribute that should be in the App developer. For developing robust and unique feature Application all factor plays a vital role. If developer will understand client’s requirement and need then he will be able to develop unique and best Application.